Saturday, July 12, 2008

No time to blog

Raids, raids, and more raids. Since my last post I've done nothing but focus on Seik and her protection gear. Ive switched servers and joined a raiding guild. Seik is now sitting comfortably at 15450 HP uncrit and uncrushable. I have a respectable healing set (would love to get some enchants though) My ret set is improving. My druid is left alone on tortheldrin at 70. I also brought my hunter over to Bleeding Hollow. Im at the point with my pally where most of my upgrades are in T5 content or above, although they are arguably "side-grades" Ive picked up all the badge gear I wanted and now working on slapping all epic gems into my slots. I transfered my hunter over for his farming skills,xmutes,flasks and badges to get my pally more gems. I really enjoy the guild Im in. They are a great set of raiders with a great GM and knowledgable officers. We are working on Vash, Kael and have first 2 bosses in hyjal down. I really want this blog to pick up but its so bland to look at. I have tried to get my friend to work on some art for me but lets just say he likes to get into a certain state of mind that takes away the ability to work. So I will be posting more often so stop by and drop me a line.