Saturday, February 16, 2008

A bit about my toons.

I really enjoy leveling toons. I work 55 hrs a week almost and I go to church. My schedule is pretty crazy so my raiding is very spotty. So i play with toons, i make money to respec and I dont have an epic flyer (working on it now) Why do I respec so much? I dont know I guess i just like the variety. I feel Blizzard has done a good job with the differences of play style available (with most classes) First theres Arlyon my SV/MM Hunter. I love the SV tree the CC is awesome and there is nothing better then having 15% health left and a Warrior with a full rage bar aching to unload on me and scatter shot, trap, wyvern sting, bandage. Deterence counterattack /lol run run run and repeat. I dont even care if I kill him as long as I know that he says OMG I hate hunters. Then theres times I just really want to kill something so I go BM. What is better then this? Spot Clothie, Unclick Bite, Click Claw, Intimidation, Send Poosie the inverted tiger, Beastial Wrath, Rapid fire and unload. Or how about going to outlands at lvl 59-60 with Mohong my gorrilla and Tanking Ramps? Good times good times. Then there is MM. It best when paired with SV but its when are you feeling like your pet is doing the work and you want to see big numbers its time for MM. Who says you need to be BM to farm when you are criting water ellies for 4k who needs a pet? Speaking of, Ive been SV too long (2weeks) Time for big crits. Im an agility whore. I wear leather proudly it complements my high sense of style :)

Now for Seik. At heart she is a tank. I have uncrushabilty on my prot set about 14k health unbuffed around 300 spell power. I love to tank. My healing is ok about 1250 bonus healing 11k mana nothing to brag about but i get the job done. When i get really bored I go ret. Man, its soo much fun just wish I had the gear to back it up. ATM we have enough tanks in the guild so I am currently a poorly geared Shockadin!!! Which allows me to heal and dps when im not needed. Its soo great I cant wait to fill my Wardrobe with S3 Shockadin gear. I really love the my pally. She is by far the biggest drain on my funds. Trying to reach 375 bs is taxing but will be worth it.

My 63 Feral Drood, I intended on healing but theres a sever lack of skilled tanks on my young server. So I fill in the spot. My friend gave me the and now i feel obligated to be a tank. I dont plan on touching resto till im 70 and need to PVP to get my S3 set. I cant wait to try the Panzerkin spec I do feel that I have alot to learn about being a drood. I die too often and dont take advantage of my versatility when questing. Guess you can say leveling a hunter was the easiest thing to do. Being tank and healer and dps is a bit OP while questing but whos complaining? (azazzel is) Leveling a pally was very very easy especially considering I was prot from 15 on to 70 for the most part and as I said i spent alot of gold on her gear she was virtually twinked at every lvl. Now lvling the druid is a bit different. I have all the tools but can only use them one at a time. Alot of switching between forms and casting is something im just not used to even at this lvl. I see in outlands the need to be more familiar with your druid. Spamming mangle just isnt doing it anymore.

There is also the 27 mage, 26 Shadow Priest, 19 lock amongst other mid teen to late 20s on various servers. They serve as bank toons and I use them to run with friends toons. I would love to get a 49 twink so I can BG with some of my friends. But well see.

Good Bye and God Bless.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Hi and welcome to The Distracting Shot. Couple things you might want to know about me.

1) I like alts alot. Please dont ask me to reroll on your server bc
a) I will
b) your not supposed to feed others bad habits
c) already have 2 70s on your server

2) I read blogs...alot.. im down with the BBB BRK AD HC YAWN BS OOM and many others

3) I am an active christian and no i dont have a holy human pally, my priest toon is a shadow priest and no my guild is not an all christian guild.
(I was horde before i was saved lol) and no this doesnt mean Im going to preach to you but know that you are a christian in everything you do.

4) I play on Horde on Tortheldrin (new server that opened just before BC) I have a 70 SV/MM hunter sorry BRK i just love the cc I have a 70 Pally who is usually prot i love CC (lol another blog reference CC= constant concecration) I am also raising a feral drood hes 63 atm.

5) I have horrible grammar and spelling and i write like i do in game

6) If i stuck to one spec all my toons would be on epic flyers I like diversity. I dont think id be happy untill i had a lvl 70 for each tree,race, and class.... i may be on to something there

7) thats about it for now see you soon I apologize in advance for the bland look, I hope to peel myself from wow and try and improve on the overall appearence of the site.

ps to you bloggers, why wont this spell check work?