Monday, August 11, 2008


I finally have another upgrade. I got my Tanking helm from ZA. Thanks to this great ZA team that I am running with. 1 Shot all the bosses cept for Zuijin. Got 3 timechests and have faith we can get the 4th. I still have no beta key. Maybe if this was more of a blog rather then my journal. I could use some readers. Im sure If I can get a little publicity I can start writing more often and in more detail of my WoW experiences.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

No one to raid with and its my fault, kinda

So my server Tortheldrin has been subject to mass exodus. Our top 3 Guilds have left our server leaving us with a few T6 characters that are staying and some T5/Badge Gear guilds. This is a huge bump in the road for me. I have had the goal of clearing BT before WoTLK and it seems that my chance is gone. In the past week Ive guild hopped like crazy, mainly because of my schedule and the realization that man there really are some bad players out there. It takes alot to run a raiding guild and I didnt feel welcomed or convinced that the GMs were capable of leading us to BT. One a plus side im making a ton of gold since there is nothing else to do. I can focus on gearing my druid. I am also working on maxing out my minor proffesions,now that I have max enchanting on Seik. I am making my Primal Mights in order to create the last enchanting rod. I picked up my Vengence Card and cant wait to try it out. I should see a huge difference in my threat output. Untill next time.