Friday, February 15, 2008


Hi and welcome to The Distracting Shot. Couple things you might want to know about me.

1) I like alts alot. Please dont ask me to reroll on your server bc
a) I will
b) your not supposed to feed others bad habits
c) already have 2 70s on your server

2) I read blogs...alot.. im down with the BBB BRK AD HC YAWN BS OOM and many others

3) I am an active christian and no i dont have a holy human pally, my priest toon is a shadow priest and no my guild is not an all christian guild.
(I was horde before i was saved lol) and no this doesnt mean Im going to preach to you but know that you are a christian in everything you do.

4) I play on Horde on Tortheldrin (new server that opened just before BC) I have a 70 SV/MM hunter sorry BRK i just love the cc I have a 70 Pally who is usually prot i love CC (lol another blog reference CC= constant concecration) I am also raising a feral drood hes 63 atm.

5) I have horrible grammar and spelling and i write like i do in game

6) If i stuck to one spec all my toons would be on epic flyers I like diversity. I dont think id be happy untill i had a lvl 70 for each tree,race, and class.... i may be on to something there

7) thats about it for now see you soon I apologize in advance for the bland look, I hope to peel myself from wow and try and improve on the overall appearence of the site.

ps to you bloggers, why wont this spell check work?


Honors Code said...

The spell check thing not working is annoying. I'm having to do my posts in Word and then copy them over.

ArmsandFury said...

Nice to see a new blogger. I hope for funny stories and hilarity ensue. If you happen to post something math related involving WoW I will read and try and understand!

Welcome aboard :)

Galoheart said...

Use Firefox browser. Gratz on the blog.